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Valentine Week

Valentine Week 

Fourteenth February. A typical day that everybody over the world will be enthusiastically sitting tight. Valentines Day is an exceptional say that is devoted to express one's adoration and love towards others. As everybody knows that it is not a one-day festival. There is an entire devoted week named as the Valentine Week 2020 that precedes Valentines Day. Every one of the human beings on the planet ought to take after this week of festivities and make this Valentine's day more exceptional. Shock your affection by arranging this entire week well before, and we will be providing so as to bail you out the insights about the Valentine Week 2020 in making your fantasy minute materialize.

Valentine Week 2020 is going to begin in two days and folks and young ladies why should arranging amaze their friends and family this Valentines Day can mostly believe us and take after this space as we will be giving all of you the insights about the aggregate Valentine Week 2020. You can arrange as needs be and astonish your Valentine.

Valentine Week 2020: Complete List to Celebrate Valentines Day

For the most part, a week before the Valentines Day is the Valentine Week, and during the current year, it will be as Valentine Week 2016 in which every day has an original reason. We arrive giving the entire rundown of the seven days festivities that can turn exceptional for both of you.

Valentine Week List 2020

valentine week 

1. Rose Day:- 7th February 2020 (Friday) - Rose Day SMS

2. Propose Day:- 8th February 2020 (Saturday) Propose Day 2020 - SMS

3. Chocolate Day:- 9th February 2020 (Sunday) Chocolate Day 2020 MSGS

4. Teddy Day:- 10th February 2020 (Monday) Teddy day MESSAGES 2020

5. Promise Day:- 11th February 2020 (Tuesday) Promise Day 2020 HD PICS

6. Hug Day:- 12th February 2020 (Wednesday) - Hug Day SMS

7. KISS DAY:- 13th February 2020(Thursday) - Kiss Day Shayari SMS

8. Valentine's Day:- 14th February 2020 (Friday). - VALENTINE DAY COUPLE PICS & 

 Happy Valentine Day {SPECIAL}

India and the Entire world sit tight for Valentine's Day all the year, and when it comes, they commend everywhere on a week. From School to universities, Office to home all over the place individuals observes Valentine Week.

A few people propose to their cherished once, some of them give a blessing. Everybody of them attempts to see Valentine day interesting way. We will share a few thoughts to observe Valentine Day 2020.We will likewise share Valentine Week Day's SMS, Shayari and Wallpapers and considerably more.

Let's check how Valentine week has command and significance of every day of Valentine week 2020;

To begin with, Day of Valentine week is Rose Day which will praise on seventh February 2020(Friday). It ensures that day, the start of Valentine Week. On this day, you can give Rose (Red, Yellow, White, Pink) to your cherished one, who you adore, closest companion or anybody for whom you feel something. What's more, observe Rose Day.

The second day of Valentine Week 2020 is Propose day which will praise on eighth February 2017 (Saturday). As the name recommend, on this day you can propose to anybody you adore. Get roses, bunch, blessing, cards and go to your sweetheart and clarify your heart, disclose your emotions to your adored one.

On the Third day of Valentine week, you can trade chocolates between companions or relatives. It is a most anticipated day for chocolate partners all around the globe. As its an official chocolate day of the year will be on Ninth February 2020.

The fourth day will commend as Teddy day on tenth February 2020, where you can blessing teddy bear to your adored one. Alternately even your siblings, sisters and closest companions as well. Teddy is dependably an adorable and most ideal approach to express your emotions. Valentine week is not just about significant others; closest friends can likewise share.

The fifth day of Valentine week is Promise Day which will be eleventh February 2020. It's a day of guarantee, trust, and confidence in one another. On Promise day, you can give a guarantee and take guarantee to one another( (from anybody you yearning) and you have to board of trustees backing and secure to that individual.

6th Day of Valentine Week is Hug Day, On twelfth February 2020. Give Hugs and get Hugs. A bit much that you can just embrace significant others, embrace anybody and get embraces consequently. A solitary embrace can fill somebody's heart with joy extraordinary, so don't hold up and spread affection on embrace day.

Just before Valentine day, Kiss Day is on thirteenth February 2020. All things considered this might be the most anticipated and most loved day among all significant others. Who doesn't prefer to kiss right? We all affection to kiss our beaus thus give kisses. Kiss Day 2020.

The Finale day of Valentine Week is Valentine Day. On fourteenth February 2017(as consistently) everywhere throughout the world, individuals will observe Valentine Day, invest some energy with your darling, kisses, embraces, endowments, romantic melodies, blossoms, talks, jokes, flame light supper, long ride, short ride, parks. Do whatever you can on this day. This day is has a place with the one whom you cherish the most, he/she merit this day alongside you.

According to the Valentine Week List, Valentine week closes here. In any case, redundant that you invest energy with your mate on Valentine week as it were. Keep it proceeds with; the whole year is for affection. On the off chance that you are motion picture partner, you can watch the romantic film this Valentine.

HappyValentine Day 2020! :)

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Navratri 2017

Navratri 2017

Navratri is a multi-day Hindu festival which is celebrated by Hindus all over the world.this festival is celebrated in the month Ashvin (a month of Hindu calendar).in this festival the feminine goddesses are worshiped. The Navratri festival is mainly of nine days . each day is dedicated for the worship of a particular goddess.celebrations of the navratri 2017 is mainly going to be stage decorations, recite of the legends and chanting of the scriptures of Hinduism. The common theme of navratri is victory of good over evil. Now i am going to tell you about proper schedule  along with Shubh muhurat and foods you can eat during this navratri week.

Navratri Day 1 March 28th– Amavasya –  Ghatsthapana, Shailputri Puja

The first day of this navratri season is falling on march 28. on this day the goddess shailputri is worshiped. she is also known as the first form among the navadurga or nine forms of the goddess Durga . She is also known as goddess parvati the wife of shiv ji and mother of ganesh and kartikey. The shubh muhurat for her worship is from 08:26 to 10:24 , duration of 1 hour and 54 minutes.

Navratri Day 2 March 29th –  Dwitiya - Chandra Darshan and Brahmacharini Puja

The second day of this navratri season will be on 20 march.on this day goddess brahmacharini is worshiped. She is also known as the second form of goddess Durga. the blessings of her helps a person in achieving success and wisdom. according to the Hindu legends worshiping her brings happiness and prosperity.

Navratri Day 3 March 30th - Tritiya – Gauri Teej and Chandraghanta Puja

The third day of this navratri season is coming on 30 march. on this day goddess chandraghanta is worshiped. She rewards people with her grace , bravery and courage. According to the legends she has a third eye in the middle of her forehead and her vehicle is a lion.on this day gangaur festival also known asgauri tritiya  is celebrated in rajasthan.


Navratri Day 4 March 31st – Chaturthi – Kushmanda Puja

The forth day of this navratri season is falling on 31 march.on this day goddess kushmanda is worshiped. She is the forth form of goddess Durga. According to legends of Hinduism she created this whole universe with her divine smile. She is worshiped by her favorite red colored flowers.

Navratri Day 5 April 1st – Panchami – Skanda Shashti Puja

The fifth day of this navratri season is coming on the 1st of April. On this day goddess skanda is worshiped. It is believed that the planet budha is governed by her.red colored flowers are also used to worship her. Devotees worshiping her also gets benefited by worshiping kartikey on this day.

Navratri Day 6 April 2nd – Shashti – Katyayani Puja

The sixth day of this navratri season falls on 6 April. On this day goddess katyayani is worshiped. She is also worshiped for a happy married life . She is believed to govern the planet Brhaspati. This day is also celebrated as the birth anniversary of goddess Yamuna.

Navratri Day 7 April 3rd – Saptami – Kalratri Puja

The seventh day of this navratri season will be on 3rd April. On this day goddess kalratri is worshiped. She is also known as goddess shubankri an is worshiped by night-blooming jasmine flowers.she is said remove the darkness from the hearts of her pure devotees and wrath hell on evil-doers.

Navratri Day 8 April 4th – Ashtami – Maha Gauri Puja

The eighth day of this navratri season if coming on 4th April. on this day goddess mahagauri is worshipped. It is believed that planet Rahu is governed by her. this day also marks as sandhi puja which is done at the juncture when Ashtami Tithi ends, and Navami Tithi starts.

Navratri Day 9 April 5th – Navami – Ram Navami

The ninth and the last day of this navratri festival is coming on 5th of April. On this day goddess siddhidatri is worshiped. She can award ultimate power and fulfill every wish of her devotee.this day also marks the birth of lord RAMA , the human form of lord Vishnu. This day is also celebrated as ram navmi.

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Valentine Gifts for your Girlfriend

           Valentine Gifts for your Girlfriend

Finding a right valentine gift for your girlfriend, here are some of the wonderful ideas you must check.
     February 14 marks the celebration of Valentine’s Day. It is a day that celebrates the bond of love and understanding between two persons. It is a time when people show feelings of love, affection, and friendship and one of the best way to express feelings if by Gifts.


We understand that this is tough for most men to find the right gift for her lady love. But don’t worry we can help you choose the perfect gift for your lady love.
Check out the list of 10 fantastic gift ideas below and choose one of them for your partner

·     Hand Made Greeting Cards


Greeting cards have been an amazing gift for all the occasions. You can buy it from any gift shop although if you make one by self, it will become a more precious and touchy gift for your partner. At it is for Valentine’s Day so design the card in the shape of a heart. A picture with your loved one and a beautiful message for her will make it a special gift on Valentine’s Day

·    Jar of Love:

What could be lovelier than sending her a Glass Jar, full of romantic messages, on the most romantic day of the year. To make a Jar of Love, what you need to do is write all the romantic messages one by one, in a small piece of paper and tie it by heart shape sticker or with a red ribbon and put it into the jar.Along with that, you can fill the Jar of Love with delicious chocolates and candies.

·    Couple Gifts:

 What about a gift which indicates you and your loved one as a pair? Couple Gifts are ones who serve this purpose. There are many varieties of couple gifts like couple t-shirts, mugs, rings, keychain, bands and much more. As a part of this will be with both of you, not only if will remind the love of the other but also will give the message that One part isn’t complete without the other.

·     A Cute Teddy:

Everyone knows how much girls love Teddy’s, not only it has been her favorite toy but is so close to her that she consider as her best friend. So giving a teddy as a gift will be the cutest gift on its own.

·    Photo Collage:

Pictures are the best way to store wonderful memories of life, and when you see them again, they remind you of the amazing time and also give a feeling of happiness in the heart.So how about giving your loved one a photo collage full of romantic and funny memories of the time you both spent together. You can make a creative collage at home or buy a beautiful multi-frame and add your pictures to it.

·     Love Card Deck:

Does your girlfriend feel happy and loved when you tell her a single thing you love about her? I am sure the answer will be yes. Now think how much loved she will feel if you tell her not 1 or 2 but 52 things you love about her. Love Card Deck is the gift which will make it happen. So to make a love card deck, you need to make a deck of 52 cards expressing 52 different things you love about her. To make it more attractive, you can add pictures and romantic message to the deck.

·    Ring

Although an expensive gift, but a most precious one is a ring. A ring expresses a genuine love of a person and is always also close to the person to whom you give it.You can choose the material (Gold, silver, diamond or platinum)and design of the ring depends upon the likings of your loved one. But before buying it, do check your budget.

·    Love Puzzle

An interesting way to give a wonderful romantic message to your loved one is a Love Puzzle.The message will be a surprise which you partner would love to reveal and also enjoy the whole time she spends to complete the puzzle.To make a Love Puzzle, just write your message in a creative way of a chart paper and cut it in the form of a puzzle, you can also give a picture cut in the form of puzzle to reveal a surprising message.

·    Roses: 

  Roses are a symbol of love and have always been used to express love. Although giving a single rose won’t be an amazing valentine’s gift, so why not use some creativity. What you can do is take a Heart shaped box and completely fill it with red roses. So now you have a looking cute and adorable gift. You can get a couple of chocolates and a small adorable teddy too.

·    Books:

If you girlfriend likes reading books, then it's better option to gift her an amazing book. The choice of the genre can differ, it might be a novel or comic books or love story books, you must know her interest.  Even you can give books based on her hobby. Like if cooking is her hobby, then you can also give her recipe books, which can be helpful to her. Also, you can add some romantic notes in the book.

·    Gift Hamper

Gift Hamper is the best option of gift in which you can add chocolates, roses,  small teddy, card photo frame and bind the box with red ribbon. It will be an amazing gift box full of gifts and memories.Also, some other gifts you can add in this hamper can be a perfume, bracelets, ring, etc.

So what are you waiting for, make a gift or check other Gifts for Every Valentine from link below  -

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Navratri 2017